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Both MuiMui and I have been wearing contacts for many years.  We both remember the life changing moment when we made the decision to switch from glasses to contacts.  Just recently, we had another life changing moment involving our eyes.  We decided to get Lasik!

Back in July 2009, we were discussing all the things we had to carry and amongst that list were contacts, contact case, solution and spare glasses.  I casually mention to MuiMui the idea of getting Lasik and her immediate reaction was she was not comfortable with idea of eye surgery.  The idea took sometime to gestate but after talking to several people that got the procedure done, MuiMui was intrigued but not completely convinced.

The more research we did, the more trusting MuiMui was of the advanced technology and successful statistics.  We received a few referrals of Lasik centers in our area and narrow it down to two.  Our main factors were based on advanced equipment/technology, the number of surgeries the doctors had performed, and reviews.  I was totally sold on the idea of not having to worry about all this for the next 25 years.

We did our consultations in October.  At this point, MuiMui was also sold on the idea.  While both Lasik centers met our initial expectations, the final decision came down to how personal one was over the other.  We decided to go with the laser center that we felt gave us the one-on-one treatment.

We got our Lasik surgery about 2 weeks ago. It went smoothly and was quick and painless. The surgery room was in an all glass room so you could see the surgery being performed.  The surgery itself took about 6 minutes and after that our vision was blurry for the rest of the day.  We were ordered to go to sleep for 4 hours immediately when we arrived home from our surgery so our eyes could heal.  The next day, we both could see 20/20 as if we were wearing our contacts.

The total cost was $3400 after all discounts for each person.  We received a 15% discount because we had health insurance.  Compared to the price of glasses and contacts for 25 years, this is such a bargain!  Today was our two week appointment with the ophthalmologist of the Lasik center and our eyes are doing great. We both have over 20/20 and it keeps improving. We do still have some redness in our eyes but it will take about three weeks to completely go away.  I have to say, this was one of the best decisions we made and hope it will make our travels more hassle free.

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    us. Luckily with my new eyes (Lasik, see our previous post), I was
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  2. Le Marroneur says:

    Punaise je savais pas que vous aviez fait ça ! C’est vrai que ça
    doit être un peu flippant avant de passer au laser, mais je suppose
    (n’ayant jamais porté de lunettes) que cela doit être d’un confort
    hors norme… Bravo à vous deux pour avoir franchi le pas en tout
    cas !

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