Me And Frenchie Housesits In City Of Montpellier

By , August 22, 2011 3:00 am
Nightfall From The Corum Montpellier

Nightfall From The Corum

When our friend, Leyla, asked us to housesit for her in Montpellier, you know Boris and I happily obliged. Our task for one week was to keep her plants alive. We’re moving to the city!

Montpellier is a one of the fastest growing cities in France and a pretty awesome city to live in. It has a great vibe with all the university students and also a very diverse mix. I read somewhere that there are more international students in Montpellier than in Paris so why be up north.

Our pad for the week is on the top floor with high ceilings extending into the roof. It’s been recently remodeled and they did a great job with the steel spiral staircase leading into the loft. The exposed wooden beams and white walls makes this place feel very comfortable, but as always, my favorite features of a French home are the wooden window shutters. As I stand out on the balcony, I’m staring down into an empty private garden and no one can see me (you can only assume what I’m wearing).

HDR Sunset Montpellier

HDR Sunset

Apartment We Housesit

View Of The Apartment From The 2d Floor

We couldn’t be in a better location, as we are right next to all the shopping, restaurants, and public transportation. In the morning, we put on our ‘I look like I just woke up, but still looking very sexy’ outfits and in two minutes, we are walking through the Place de la Comédie (center plaza). It is mostly tourists snapping away with their cameras or folks trying to get to work (I have forgotten how that feels like). The smell coming from a nearby bakery is too strong for us to resist so we give into their chocolate croissants and pick up some Colombian coffee beans for the house.

Boris even meets his dear friend, Gaëlle, at the free city zoo!

Baby Zebra zoo lunaret Montpellier

Baby Zebra

Caiman zoo Montpellier Lunaret


Red Ibis zoo Montpellier Lunaret

Red Ibis

At night, everyone is out walking in the park or having dinner outside. In the central plaza, there are crowds circling the break-dancers and the city is pumping with music.

Night Life On The Place De La Comédie Montpellier

Night Life On The Place De La Comédie

For the entire week, we just enjoy the sounds of the city again. We had no expectations and no things-to-do list. This was a great way for us to explore and get to know Montpellier. Thank you Leyla. And she will be happy to know her plants are still alive!

Stationnement Interdit

Stationnement Interdit

Female White-Faced Saki zoo Lunaret Montpellier

Female White-Faced Saki

Place De La Comédie @ Night Montpellier

Place De La Comédie @ Night

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4 Responses to “Me And Frenchie Housesits In City Of Montpellier”

  1. Why would you ever want to leave??? What a fabulous apartment and
    was stunning pics!

  2. Kris Koeller says:

    Beautiful photos, and an amazing place!

  3. muimui says:

    @ Andi: I know, I don’t want to leave. And it is kind of funny
    roaming the small streets and only hearing English since the
    summertime is so busy with tourists, but it’s a good way to
    practice my French 😉

  4. muimui says:

    @ Kris. Thanks, they are all taken by Boris. I wanted to do a
    sunrise video from the same window where Boris did the HDR shot,
    but I failed to remind myself each morning. I need to invest in a
    programmable timer!

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