Missing French Couple in Bolivia

By , September 6, 2011 1:09 pm
Jérémie Bellanger and Fannie Blancho

Jérémie Bellanger and Fannie Blancho

On August 29th, 2010, MeAndFrenchie landed in South America for first time.  This was also the day two French travelers, Jérémie Bellanger, age 25, and his girlfriend Fannie Blancho, age 23, were reported missing in South America.

The story that circulated the news was that the French couple spent a night partying in the village of Guayaramerin in the North-East of Bolivia, close to the border of Brazil.  The couple were last seen leaving the party with Jaime Martinez, a Bolivian man known for several attempts of sexual assault. The next day, Jérémie came back to the guesthouse alone. He seemed very troubled and came to get something and left saying he was going to get Fannie.

The theory reported by the police is that Fannie was tied up and threatened. Jérémie was asked to go get money in order for her release.  During Jérémie’s absence, Fannie was raped and when Jérémie came back, a fight occurred and Jaime Martinez killed them both.

This is a rare tragedy that should not discourage you from traveling. However, always be aware of your surroundings wherever you are, especially in a new country. We were extremely touched by this story when it broke out last year, especially because we can easily relate to this couple.

On September 4th, 2011, a year after their disappearance, two bodies were found in this region of Bolivia and were suspected to be the bodies of the French couple.  It turned out not to be the bodies of Jérémie and Fannie.  Our hearts go out to their daughter, parents and family.

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