Romantic Igloo Get Away

By , November 2, 2012 2:18 pm


Disclaimer: This post is about another traveling couple.

It was Christmas 2011, and my fiancé gave me a small box with a note inside containing five words, ‘surprise trip, bring warm clothes’!

Two weeks later I packed a bag full or sweaters, scarfs, mittens and beanies to ensure I was fully prepared for my unknown destination. Frederick (my fiancé) and I began our travels at 9 am Friday morning from our home city of Munich and headed South East on auto bahn number 952. It was a quick one and half hour drive to my surprise destination of, Garmisch Partenkirchen a mountain resort town situation on Germany’s highest mountain! However Frederick did not stop the car in town and continued along the road until we reached what appeared to a real life winter wonderland on the peak of the mountain. Once I got out of the car and scanned the area I realized what I was looking at and could not believe my eyes! Before me stood a small village of igloos camouflaged in with the fresh white.

Igloo Bedroom

Igloo Bedroom

Frederick grabbed our bags, and we proceed into the delicate snow made village. To my amazement, this was not just a snow village for exploring but also our accommodation for the next two nights! Once inside we were lead to our own private room made of ice and snow equipped with a very cozy looking bead. After seeing the room we took a tour the rest of the facility. Frederick had found this place on and it was incredible, not only was everything made out of snow they had a restaurant, hot tub, bar, and a small shop. I truly felt like I was in a dream, the place was magical and best of all I was experiencing all of this with the love of my life. After a Romantic evening consisting of red wine, warm food and a hot tub under the stars Frederick awoke me early the next morning and said he still had another surprise. We dressed in our snow gear and then Frederick lead me back out to the car, opened the trunk and to my astonishment he had packed our skis! I felt like a little kid I was so excited, I didn’t think it was possible to get any better, but just than it did.

Igloo Restaurant

Igloo Restaurant

We checked out the Current Conditions then hit the slopes . It was an amazing seven hour day of riding with almost perfect weather and snow conditions. Following our day in the snow, we decided to join the other fellow skiers at the local Irish pub to warm up with some baileys and tea. That evening we returned to our igloo village, and spent a fun and eventful evening with the rest of the guest in the resorts pub drinking hot wine and vodka. The next morning we had a tasty breakfast provided by the resort, packed out things, and then prepared ourselves for a hike up the. glacier. The hike was a great way to end our adventure as we had as we could fully enjoy the beautiful surroundings and take some pictures. By Sunday afternoon I was not ready to leave, but was so happy to have spent such an amazing weekend with Frederick.

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  1. Jehan says:

    “Christmas 2012″? Was the igloo a time machine too?

  2. Boris says:

    Fixed it. Good call ;)

  3. Andi says:

    Wow what a cool experience!

  4. WoW !! such a wonderful Igloo !! you had a really coolest
    experience. love to visit and stay at least one night in that

  5. Dan says:

    Way cool! Would love to take the love of my life there, but
    unfortunately I’m married. ha ha

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