Exploring the Beauty of the visual Arts on holidays to Malta

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The richness and diversity of visual arts in Malta are an ancient tradition with the Neolithic temples providing much inspiration to artists like Anton Agius, Julie Apap and Antonio Sciortino. Maltese visual artists tend to use numerous different kinds of media to create an array of impressive works. If you want to witness and experience the visual arts in Malta, then it would be great to check out holidays to Malta packages by searching the web.

Malta’s National Museum of Fine Arts in the lively area of Valletta, is the first port of call for art appreciators who can enjoy an assortment of masterpieces by both local and international artists. The museum can be found in a palace in an area that is notorious for majestic historical palaces, vibrant wine bars and incredible views of the city’s streets.



Visitors looking for more modern forms of expression should visit the Valletta house, known as No. 68 which hosts frequent artistic events, giving local artists great exposure. The gallery is located in St Lucy’s Street in an old house that has been restored by Alexandra Pace, a local photographer. The renovation has been mirrored to resemble the houses’ original structure and the ‘pink bathroom’ has been said to be the most alluring room in the house with black hexagon tiles and pink fittings. The house is host to numerous exhibitions and an alternative film club in one of Malta’s trendiest areas.

Vee Gee Bee is a complete shop for artists in the most prominent shopping area of the city. But on the first floor, visitors will find a stylish gallery that exhibits a collection of architectural pieces depicting the Palazzo Ferreria building where the shop is located. There are regular collective and one-man exhibitions held at the gallery.

The Opus 64 Art Gallery is dedicated to the work of local talent and provides a blend of cultures in a variety of forms. The works shown range in style and there is a diverse collection of sculptures, paintings and objet d’art.

The Farmhouse Gallery in Zebbug is owned by local and self-taught artist Jorg Bottcher. The gallery is a showcase of the artist’s paintings and photographs and well worth a visit when in Gozo.

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  1. For a history buff Malta is definitely a dream destination. I was
    there a few years ago and really liked it (I even did a short post
    about it on my blog). There are literary tons of history waiting
    behind every corner of this small Mediterranean island. It may not
    offer much for nature lovers at the first sight but if you look
    below sea surface, you would be surprised with the diversity of sea
    life. Also if you visit Malta during bird migration season, you can
    admire an incredible diversity of bird species. Definitely worth a
    close look!

  2. Malta is on the top of my list of beautiful destinations and this
    post does it justice! Very enjoyable read and well detailed. Thanks
    for posting this, you reminded me how much I like Malta. A while
    back I also wrote about it:
    http://tripandtravelblog.com/holidays-on-the-islands-of-malta/ I
    know it’s not as good as yours but I wanted to write something
    about it too! Greetings from Athens

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