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By , August 4, 2010 9:41 am

In order to return back to Thailand, we decided to go through Battambang. For being the 2nd largest city in Cambodia, we found Battambang to be quite chill and less touristy. We checked ourselves into a guesthouse near the center market. With the market’s convenient location to us, I could not help myself from making daily visits for mangosteens and longans (like a lychee).

We rented a tuk-tuk for the day and explored the city. There was not a whole lot to see other than more temples. It was still nice to see the landscape, pass by the local school children, and talk to locals when we had the chance.

There were a few good eats in the city. Our favorites were Fresh Eats Cafe and H & H Khmer Delight Restaurant.

Fresh Eats Cafe trains homeless children on how to run a cafe business. The service was fine and the food was exceptional. With free wifi and the cafe’s business model, we didn’t mind paying a little more. Our favorite dish was the couscous with meatballs.

The sweet potato soup at H & H Khmer Delight Restaurant was worth a double visit.

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