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Siem Reap: Living Within Our Means

By , July 6, 2010 4:30 pm

Without hesitation, Boris says, “I wish for a tartiflette.” In return, I say, “I wish for foie gras.” We would go back and forth until we cannot take it anymore and our mouths are covered with drool. The game makes no sense but it helps us remember home.

So the day after bicycling around Angkor Park, we wanted to rewards ourselves. While we could not have a tartiflette, we heard about the rooftop pool at the Terrasse des Elephants Hotel. If you spend $10 each at the restaurant, you have free pool and wifi access. This was a much cheaper option than actually being guests of the hotel.

For lunch, we had chicken curry with white rice. To our surprise, the curry was quite excellent. Afterwards, we walked up many flights of stairs. When we arrived at the rooftop, we were very happy with what we saw.

There was a large pool, garden, city view, and everything looked new. I even peaked into a few of the rooms and they were all carefully designed and each came with its own altar, fountain, or pond. As there were no other guests, we had the entire rooftop to ourselves. At noon, we took a tea break and emailed some friends to join us. It was the best $20 we spent.

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