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Adios Colombia!

By , November 5, 2010 5:00 am
We LOVE Colombia

We LOVE Colombia

After three very great weeks in Colombia, it’s time to say goodbye and cross the border over to Ecuador. During our entire stay, we felt very safe and had zero issues. Many travelers we met along the way, also felt the same. The kindness the locals showed to us really went a long way. I wish we could spend more time here but I’m sure we will be back for a future visit. We highly recommend Colombia and warnings about Colombia should be kept in mind, but should not discourage you from visiting this wonderful and friendly country.

– Have basic common sense when in a new country.
– We played it safe and only took transportation during the day. A few travelers we met took night buses and said it was fine.
– If an area is declared unsafe, it’s best not to go since there are still guerilla-dominated areas.
– We didn’t bargain much since we didn’t know we could, but once we learned, it was very easy, especially with transportation and hotels.

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