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Couple Of The Week: Dominique & Théo

By , May 5, 2011 2:30 am

Running alongside with us, as we are being chased by Komodo Dragons on Rinca Island in Indonesia, was the lovely couple, Dominique and Théo. We shared an unforgettable experience together and we are so happy to have met them.

In addition to being great people, what amazed us the most about this couple is that when they decided to take a break from law school to travel, they made the most out of their small budget and turned it into an 7-month tour of Southeast Asia. They are living proofs that amazing travels DO NOT require large budgets.

Dominique and Théo

Dominique and Théo

Relationship Status: | Dating.
How long have you been together? | 2 years.
How long have you been traveling? | 5 months.
How long is your total planned trip? | 7 months.

How do you organize world travel among the both of you?
Dominique & Théo: We did not really organize this trip before leaving Quebec. We often change our plans and I think it’s what made our trip more exciting, but sometimes it puts more stress on us and it’s difficult for a couple.

What did you learn about each other?
Dominique: Théo is more patient than me. He can tolerate more dirt than me. He is also a very calm person. I knew that before, but I just realized it more.
Théo: I was surprised to see how well she adapted herself to difficult situations.

Would you do it again? What would you change?
Dominique: Yes, more organization.
Théo: Yes. Next time I would like to concentrate my trip on specific activities, so there is a goal.

What did you like least?
Dominique: The smell in India and the harassment of people who work in tourism.
Théo: The people who work in tourism.

Do you have any tips for traveling with your partner?
Dominique & Théo: Try to have some time on your own and sometimes it is better not to speak with each other when you are tired to avoid shit talking.

What was your favorite country you visited? Why?
Dominique & Théo: We hope Nepal, but so far India. The landscapes in the north of India are amazing and it is so different than anything else we saw during the past 5 months.

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