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9 Fun Ways To Keep In Touch

By , November 15, 2011 9:39 pm

While we traveled 17 countries, we found it difficult to keep in touch with others on a regular basis, but we made our best effort. Some travelers we met had mobile phones everywhere they went. We thought that was too easy and expensive in the long run. It was more important to have our laptops with us so we could blog and we took advantage of the free communication technology options over the Internet.

Here is a great example about a couple who found a fun, unique way to stay close while being physically far apart:

“Every night, I record the story of my day and send it to Erik as a private track on SoundCloud. He listens later at night on the West Coast or early in the morning. This is one of the things we do to stay close while we’re far apart. (San Francisco and Boston, while I’m away at school.)”

Not only is this a cute story and SoundCloud a great source for music, this is another way travelers can keep in touch with others while traveling.

For us, having a blog by far has been the best way to share our travels with you all, but sometimes my family and friends want to have face-to-face communication. I find it difficult to make regular phone calls, especially to several people. So why not record one brief message and share it with multiple people?

I’m not going to list every communication technology out there, but here are some ways to keep in touch.

Blog: share everything and anything, but it is honestly a lot of work to keep it updated regularly.

E-mail: send one-on-one e-mails or a summary e-mail.

Facebook: you know how it works.

Web Chat (free or low calling rates):
-Google Voice

Sound recordings (record and listen later):

-TokBox: TokBooth allows your readers to record a video message for you.

Try it out and say HELLO to MeAndFrenchie by submitting a video message.  We will only get this message and it will NOT be shared with others. Thanks!

J’adore This Weeks’ Travel Video: Move By Rick Mereki

By , August 19, 2011 2:00 am
We All Got To Move

We All Got To Move

This video of the week I’m about to share is exactly what I need. After finishing our 13-month world tour and taking a big rest, I miss traveling so much. Sometimes I even forget that we even did this around the world trip.

The technique used in this video is a great way to capture all the places you have visited and recreate feelings you want to always remember. I’m putting this on my list of things to do and it’s going to be a difficult challenge, but this video truly rocks!

Thank you Rick Mereki + gang for producing this video called Move.


Japan Video: Hayaku

By , July 29, 2011 9:23 am
Tsunami in Japan

Tsunami in Japan

During our 13 months circling the globe 2.4 times, we were very fortunate that we were not at the wrong place at the wrong time.

We were in Thailand right before and after the shootings occurred in Bangkok. For New Zealand, we came after the 1st big earthquake in Christchurch and took our flights to Australia before the 2nd earthquake. Soon after leaving South America and Australia, there was heavy flooding.

Japan was on our must-see list and we changed our plans at the last-minute because we realized it was not a good place to visit on a low budget and were going to save it for later. Then Japan experienced an earthquake and tsunami at the same time.

Did we know these things were going to happen and when? Of course not. Yes we were scared at times, but no, we did not want to turn around and go home.

Boris showed me this video of Japan and I knew my videos didn’t stand a chance. So for today, I’m sharing a video that does two wonderful things beautifully: (1) highlights Japan and (2) captures various movements in people and mother nature.

Thank you Brad Kremer for producing this video called Hayaku (or Hurry up).


The Unspoken Heroes Of The Galapagos

By , July 22, 2011 12:01 am
Animals of the Galapagos

Animals of the Galapagos

On our bucket list for places we want to see before we die, the Galapagos was very high.  We were concerned that it was going to put a big dent on our budget, but we managed to get to the Galapagos and not spend too much.

Yes, everyone wants to go to the Galapagos.  And yes, everyone that does go says they love it.  I want to have another response, yet I can’t. Maybe I don’t want to go on another cruise in the Galapagos, but I do miss those special animals.  So my video of the week goes out to those animals of the Galapagos, the unspoken heroes, and the great folks we met out there.

Enjoy and have a very very nice weekend.


Ko Samui: Videos

By , April 19, 2010 6:04 am

Here are videos of us driving through the west side of Ko Samui and having fun in our pool.

Driving through the west side:

Fun time in our pool:

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